Welcome to White House Small Engine, Inc.

Welcome to White House Small Engine, Inc.

Though only in business since 2006 we have a history in White House that goes back 40 years. Mr Eulis Biggs, the founder of White House Lawnmower Service Inc., was fixing mowers in his garage for the neighbors all while working at Ford glass plant each night. Soon his yard was full of mowers to be fixed so a new building was built in a field next door, the same one we are in today. His Wife Naomi's first words when it was finished were, " How are we gonna fill this place?"

Both Eulis and Naomi worked at the shop for 30 years along with 2 of their 4 daughters Jane and Christy. After 30 years of success, Eulis and Naomi decided to retire and sell the business. During retirement, many of his customers missed him and asked if he would go back in business. After 4 years of retirement, he opened White House Small Engine. Again, the business grew and thrived, and had much success.

His daughters returned to work along side him. After a few years Even some grand kids, Curtis and Brad, who started learning the family business. 9 years into this newest adventure, Mr. Biggs' health declined. He decided to sell the company to his family.

Eulis' grandson, Brad Williams, now owns White House Small Engine along with his wife, Tiffany. Christy manages the business with two full time technicians for repairs and brother Jason helping as well. Brad will continue the legacy that Mr. Eulis set forward for him giving some of the best customer service that you will find anywhere. The customer is what drives us and it will continue to be our focus.